We offer a range of solutions, all designed to make software deployment more simple and painless. The following section shows our most important packages at a glance; a detailed comparison is at the end of this page.

Ermine Light offers the full functionality for deploying software.

Ermine Light image

Ermine Pro adds advanced features, such as packaging of locale files, arbitrary data files and multiple executables.

Ermine Pro image

Additionally, we offer the creation of stand-alone binaries as a service. This means that we take care of the whole process according to your requirements.


When you have decided what solution is best for you, please contact us with the details and we will quote you a price.

System requirements

Feature comparison

The table below shows a comparative view of the features of Ermine Pro, Ermine Light and the open-source project Statifier.

Feature Ermine Pro Ermine Light Statifier
Pack an executable and all its libraries Yes Yes Yes
Add arbitrary libraries via LD_PRELOAD Yes Yes Yes
Pack NSS (Network Switch Service) libraries Yes Yes No*
Pack gconv (Character Code Conversion) libraries Yes Yes No*
Pack locale files Yes No No
Pack arbitrary data files Yes No No
Pack multiple executables Yes No No
Works on systems with memory randomization Yes Yes Sometimes
Supported platforms: i386 Yes Yes Yes
x86_64 Yes Yes Yes
ARM with OABI Yes Yes No
ARM with EABI Yes Yes No
Aarch64 Yes Yes No
Alpha On Demand On Demand Yes
Other On Demand On Demand On Demand
License Proprietary Proprietary GPL2
*can be emulated with LD_PRELOAD