Below is the list of ErminePro and ErmineLight options. Any option available for ErmineLight is also available for ErminePro. Options that will only work with ErminePro or starting from specific version are marked as such.

ErminePro and ErmineLight Options

-h, --help

Display a short help message


Display the list of available options

--help-config [ErminePro]

Display information about the config file format


Dispaly a short explanation on what some of the options do and how they are used

-c, --config=<config_file> [ErminePro]

Specify config file

-k, --keep-working-directory

Do not remove working directory ($HOME/.ermine/pack)

-K, --kernel-version

Show the minimum kernel version to be able to run orig_exe

-a, --ld_assume_kernel=<kernel>


-l, --ld_library_path=<LD_LIBRARY_PATH>


-p, --ld_preload=<LD_PRELOAD>


-m, --max_ifd=<NUMBER> [ErminePro] [3.1.1]

Set maximum file descriptor (internal file descritor) available to the packaged file to NUMBER

-o, --output=<new_exe>

Specify output file. This switch is mandatory unless --kernel-version is specified.


Specify how to handle the gconv libraries. TYPE is one of

  • ignore

  • internal

  • external

  • noentry

--with-locale=TYPE [ErminePro]

Specify how to handle locale files

--with-xlocale=TYPE [ErminePro]

Specify how to handle locale files used by X


Specify how to handle NSS libraries